Saturday, August 2, 2014

Seek and Ye Shall Find

Seeking and finding banner
1. Happy is the person who finds his long lost friend.

2. God has so commanded His disciples to find those who have been lost for there are many mansions prepared for them.

3. Those who ask shall be given. Those who knock shall be opened.Those who keep silent nothing shall received them.

4. Every member is a missionary who finds and teaches the gospel of the Lord.

5. The prodigal son has gone home and became desolate and went back home.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Proudly Hail Alma Mater

1. Graduation day is a time to leave your Alma Mater for a higher learning or to join in the world of work.

2. Tears and joy are mixed results of completing a hard work of academic studies.

3. Sad and despair are for those who are school leavers, drop outs and truants.

4. Parents, guardians proud are they for having the sons and daughters who are academically outstanding.

5. Teachers, mentors are so proud to see their graduates who excel and able to surpass all kinds of trials on their way to academic pursuit of studies.

Friday, February 14, 2014

'Love Is For The of Us'

Love is
1. Love is when I never fail to court her everyday and greet her in her special day, and of course, in Valentine's day.

2. Love is when she washed my dirty pair of socks and filled in my lunch box with my favorite foods.

3. Love is when I went home late in the evening, she welcomed me with a hug and led me to the dinning table where my foods are ready.

4. Love is she surprised me with my favorite foods when I am no longer minding to celebrate my birthday.

Monday, January 20, 2014

On One's Negligence

On one's negligence banner
1. Mis-coordination of mind and body, you stumble down, flip, slide, and fall to the ground unaware.

2. Glasses are broken when filled with boiling water and when handled improperly.

3. People got electrocuted for unattended electric open wire or unsafe electric circuit board. Wrong, for the high voltage of power source of electricity.

4. Kids cut their fingers not for the sharp knife, but for their curiosity and innocence of using the knife. No, for the carelessness of their mother or guardian.