Friday, February 14, 2014

'Love Is For The of Us'

Love is
1. Love is when I never fail to court her everyday and greet her in her special day, and of course, in Valentine's day.

2. Love is when she washed my dirty pair of socks and filled in my lunch box with my favorite foods.

3. Love is when I went home late in the evening, she welcomed me with a hug and led me to the dinning table where my foods are ready.

4. Love is she surprised me with my favorite foods when I am no longer minding to celebrate my birthday.

5. Love is I covered her body with a wool blanket when she is already falling asleep.

6. Love is when she is always ready when I am running out of a loose change for a fare.

7. Love is she has never dared to open my personal letter when she receive sit in my behalf when I am not around.

8. Love is when I am angry she is just closing her mouth and letting me to pour out all my ill feelings.

9. Love is never failing me to include always in her daily prayer.

10. Love is when she joins me every time I eat my meals when I am always going home late.

11. Love is accepting me of not who I am, but on what I am.

12. Love is when I fail to close my trouser's zipper she is not ridiculing me.

13. Love is not money, nor house and lot, nor beauty or glamour; but it is who she really is.

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