Monday, November 11, 2013

Calamity at Stake

Natural Calamity
1. Rural folks worry so much when typhoon hit their place, but small businessmen rejoice.

2. Billions of money wasted from damages to properties, crops and belongings to the victims of typhoon and earthquake.

3. God sends natural calamities to let the ungodly know that there's Supreme Being who controls the nature.

4.  Prayer is the immediate course of action of everyone for the coming of any calamity and no action undertaken.

5. Many lives, damages to property and crops brought by a natural calamity but the people have never learned a lesson yet.

6. Everyone knows how terrible the wrath of a natural catastrophe but yet some have still the courage to dare the nature.

7. When earthquake strikes or typhoon hits, everyone couuldn't hide their fear, but hardheadedness still rules out.

8. Natural disaster couldn't be prevented or stopped to occur, but planning to stay safe is still possible.

9. It takes lives, properties, money to defy nature's wrath; but it takes a mustard seed of faith to believe God's greatest love.

10. Lives lost in calamity couldn't be regained; but lives offered to God could be found in Heaven.

11. Most of the people tend to be united when it comes to natural disaster.

12. No racial discrimination is evident among the peoples at the height of natural disaster for they're one in helping each other.

13. In critical situation, you may know who really is your neighbor.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Why The Dead?

The dead and the living
1. Remembering the dead is the deepest sign of gratefulness.

2. No one could be saved with the dead for they determine the salvation of the living.

3. There is sustenance in tending the dead, especially during All Saint's Day.

4. The dead could communicate with the living.

5. The living sometimes desecrate the dead by making fun of them.

6. When you pray, do it also for the dead for they need you for their eternal repose.

7. The dead could be baptized by proxy in the place designated for that ordinance.

8. It is the temple of God wherein the dead may have their salvation be performed.

9. In All Saint's Day or All Soul's Day, the people well remember their departing loved ones.

10. The dead have no power to save themselves from their sins.

11. The dead are dependent from the living for their eternal salvation.

12. Jesus Christ Himself after He died on the cross, visited the dead in their world.

13. "Touch me not!' Jesus said to the woman for He had not ascended yet to His Father's kingdom.