Saturday, January 28, 2012

There Must Be A Reason

1. Dating is like fishing if you're looking for a partner in life. If your "bait" adheres to his/her "taste" there you are compatible each other.

2. Stage plays are like dramas in real life. Actors and actresses are they in reality.

3. Business competition is very stiff in big malls. They compete in bringing their malls to serve to the fullest their customers' needs.

4. Mother dear we love you. You're the most beautiful person in this earth. You've given us life. You're our best critic, but our also best help in times of distress.

5. In every struggles, there is always a consequence of rewards.

6. The sweetest rewards always come from the hardest struggles.

7. Carelessness makes one's life miserable.

8. Visibility and credibility is the main factors in an affiliate marketing to it "demadable" and "earning."

9. Delaying tactics in everything you do makes matters worse or even worst.

10. Been in a beach, where the place is clean, where it is calm and tranquil? You're just in a place called "paradise"

11. Trouble comes to a person who knows the way to get out.

12. What you think is what you are. But what you do is a duplicate of other's job.

13. To reason out is to prove that you're wrong. To admit your mistake is to prove that you're right.