Saturday, August 4, 2012

Prayer of Faith

Man Praying
1. Our Heavenly Father hears the prayer of the poor with a listening ear of concern.

2. Lofty prayers also receive the Lord's reply for humility's sake and making them lowly.

3. Prayer is said morning, noon and night time and God answers them in appropriate time when the doer never expects the Lord's reply.

4. God's reply to prayer is of three type: yes,because of the faith; no, because of the pride, and wait, because of uncertainty.

5. Humble prayer's answer is not readily acted by the Lord. It takes an inner spirit to feel it.

6. Prayer done in spiritual sense is also answered in its spirituality, for Spirit speaks to spirit.

7. It is the spirit that teaches man to prayer.

8. Those who fail to pray are those who are not in need.

9. Those who always pray are the adopted sons and daughters of God.

10. Before a person learns to pray, he knows the there's God.

11. Faith makes one's prayer effective and miracles happen.

12. The prayer of the faithfuls always spare the unfaithful from afflictions and tribulations.

13. The greatest challenges in life is overcome by a simple prayer of faith.