Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Believing Is Seeing

1. To believe is to see, that is, the God's way. But for man, to see is to believe.

2. Everything that is good inspires. Everything bad expires... when He comes back sooner or later.

3. Don't force a square peg to fit into a round hole. That is nincompoopery.

4. Miracles happen for those who have strong and unwavering faith with God.

5. Everything that is gained in treacherous way will always end up to naught.

6. Enduring to the end is nothing more than overcoming the sliest "operating system" of the devil through his "online" thoughts.

7. Don't mistakenly worship God as Dog. That is idolatry which He abhors vehemently.

8. If you think you're right and I perceive it you're wrong. Therefore, you're right in a wrong way.

9. You can't buy love. But you can rent a friend and it is affordable.

10. In any natural catastrophe, many houses were destroyed for God has prepared many mansions in heaven. Repentance is needed. No one's sinless

11. Prices never go down for caprices and whims are too high.

12. If people nowadays will embrace the true doctrine of Jesus Christ, that is the greatest miracle that will ever happen to them.

13. Talking without thinking is like sailing in the middle of the sea with no direction where to go.

The Lettermen - I Believe

Monday, August 29, 2011

Daily Prayer

1. Getting up everyday with prayer is like taking an early morning shower, feeling refreshed and having a peace of mind.

2. God's blessings come to your way, when you least expect them.

3. A day without a sunshine is like a night without a moonlight.

4. Holding on and letting go are two different things. The former is sticky. The latter is slippery.

5. In every country everybody is watching the President or their leader and only a handful of people is watching the critiques.

6. Happiness is inexplicable when you are not expecting it.

7. Staying at home and doing nothing is like a day without a sunshine.

8. Two lovers were inside a movie house and the light suddenly went out. What they did? They cursed the darkness for they couldn't see their way out.

9. A father should never neglect his family just like our Heavenly Father whose unfeigned love is beyond measure.

10. When you feel that you're about to get angry, count one to ten. And it will die out naturally.

11. Everyday a man is removing cobwebs from the ceiling. Until he finds the spider, removes it, and puts it outside. The next day, no more cobwebs.

12. Working hard for something that couldn't satisfy is killing yourself softly.

13. It is better to obey than to sacrifice. It's in obedience that your life is spared.

Andrea Bocelli - 03 - The Prayer With Celine Dion

Friday, August 26, 2011

True Winner

1. A true winner is not measured by the honor or the "number of medals" he received, but how he did it in a true spirit of sportsmanship.

2. Today's prayer: Our infirmity dragged us to shame. We know our faith could strengthen us. Don't forsake us, Lord.

3. Father (to 5-year-old son): "Son, before you eat. Did you wash your hands?" Son : "Yes, father. I wash your hands."

4. To read the scriptures is more than experience. It is spiritually uplifting

5. Reporter : "What's the secret of making your religion spread all over the world?" Religious leader : "I teach them correct principles and they govern themselves."

6. Dreams are your plans in life. Be it practical or unrealistic as long as you long for them to satisfy needs, wants or even fantasies.

7. "Men are created equal." But, why men do not treat their fellow men equal?

8. Face your problem. Worse, your problem is your face.

9. You stoop for a heavy burden. That's of being ungrateful. Forgetting Someone up there Who's always watching in everything you do.

10. Whatever matters, truth prevails.

11. Grade One boy broke one of my office window's jalousies. He sobbed. Why you cried? It's not your fault. It's an accident. Then he grinned.

12. Sometimes when you wake up in the morning, you've a stupor of thoughts for God wants you to refresh your mind for a better perspective.

13. When there's music, there's magic. Thus, making life complete and full of happiness.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Twitty Phrases

1. TWITTY is referred to a wisdom of a person who is an expert in his "on-line" of thinking.

2. Work done in haste is laid to waste.

3. Why bother when some of your followers "unfollowed" you? Better worried why you're out of your mind!

4. You cannot bring others up unless you are in a higher ground.

5. Home is most secured place in time of distress.

6. Since you're good in simple things, expect that you will be entrusted to do complicated responsibilities.

7. In taking a multiple-choice type of test, if you don't know the right answer, the first choice is always the correct one.

8. Humility is the best defense against pride.

9. One's handwriting reflects his own personality.

10. End-of-day test: Did you make someone feel glad? If not you failed indeed.

11. Be fixed in your purpose. The fight for sin is real.

12. In any form of fighting, don't watch your opponent's hands or feet. But look straight to his eyes and you'll overcome him.

13. Talking back against those who molded you is like kicking against the prick.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

'Morning Has Broken'

1. We have to mend our days for "morning has broken"

2. You read to be informed and you lead to effect reform.

3. Writing is like finding friends. The writer chooses the best words for others to keep company with.

4. You've not done something wrong. Why ask for an apology? It's hypocrisy in disguise.

5. Look back for no one is ahead of you. Look ahead for you're the only one who's behind.

6. Every time you wake up in the morning, what comes to your mind? Your sweetheart? Your job? The food to eat? Hhmmm... It should be the LORD.

7. Don't go beyond your capacity to do or else you'll be disappointed.

8. Persons who do not have any problem are abnormal. Abnormals do not know what problem is.

9. Taking picture is capturing memories which the mind couldn't hold onto.

10. Tell a woman that she's beautiful. She'll believe you in a moment. Tell her that she's very beautiful. She'll erect you a monument.

11. Heart is like a glass. It gets broken. But to patch it up you have to mend it.

12. A dead man tell no tale. A dying man will tell a woman she is wrong.

13. Terse phrases or sentences make one wise and quick thinker.

Morning Has Broken - Pan Pipes Of The Andes

Monday, August 22, 2011

Why This Is So?

Question Mark
1. Forgetting to thank God for all He'd done for us is ingratitude, the sin of all ages.

2. Jesus loves you for you're the reason of His sacrifice.

3. It's easy to fall in love, but some are too heavy to be caught.

4. When opportunity comes, take it and nurture it for others to benefit too.

5. There are soft things that you can hardly get through.

6. Among the numerous people in the world, you are different. So don't be indifferent.

7. To effect change, why try "untested methods" when the tested ones are not perfected?

8. Forgiveness is also hard, if you are forgiving but others are not.

9. Mistakes cannot be corrected by doing another mistakes.

10. Reading a Bible does not require you to be religious. But to be aware of the thoughts and minds of the Lord God.

11. The past is over and done, and cannot be changed, but it can be strengthened and corrected in the present.

12. We badly hurt others but later love them best. We realize that they're God's precious jewels; For without them we have no salvation.

13. Someone who follows you in REAL LIFE is the HOLY GHOST that serves as your constant companion and makes your CONSCIENCE works for you.