Monday, January 20, 2014

On One's Negligence

On one's negligence banner
1. Mis-coordination of mind and body, you stumble down, flip, slide, and fall to the ground unaware.

2. Glasses are broken when filled with boiling water and when handled improperly.

3. People got electrocuted for unattended electric open wire or unsafe electric circuit board. Wrong, for the high voltage of power source of electricity.

4. Kids cut their fingers not for the sharp knife, but for their curiosity and innocence of using the knife. No, for the carelessness of their mother or guardian.

5. Car got a flat tire not for excess air pressure of the said tire, but for the corroded ply of the tire. Nope, but a spike planted on the road.

6. Prayers are not answered for the petitioner doesn't have enough faith of what he is asking or praying. Yes, absolutely spiritually true.

7. Sickness got never healed not for ineffective medicine, but the sick doesn't mind taking the medicines on time. No exactly. The malady is incurable.

8. Rice doesn't cook well not for insufficient water or not enough fire, but for the cook isn't minding it. Many acted as a cook.

9. Foods have lost their flavor for lack of seasonings. No, the taster's taste buds doesn't function well.

10. The quitter never wins and the winner never quits. No, he has cheated and manipulated the game. Practically this true.

11. Money buys everything and love gives everything. But they don't provide everything the person needs. Only God provides never lasting or eternal happines.

12. Faith has never failed. It is negligence that makes one fails to attain his goal in life.

13. Accidents do happen it is not because of one's pride, whims and caprices, but because of utter negligence. Take note. You may not negligent, but others are.

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