Thursday, February 27, 2014

Proudly Hail Alma Mater

1. Graduation day is a time to leave your Alma Mater for a higher learning or to join in the world of work.

2. Tears and joy are mixed results of completing a hard work of academic studies.

3. Sad and despair are for those who are school leavers, drop outs and truants.

4. Parents, guardians proud are they for having the sons and daughters who are academically outstanding.

5. Teachers, mentors are so proud to see their graduates who excel and able to surpass all kinds of trials on their way to academic pursuit of studies.

6. Poverty doesn't make one to be frustrated and won't go on with their precious journey to a quality education.

7. Money, prestige don't measure one's success of education.

8. Self-esteem, humility, meekness are key factors for a success learners.

9. The number of years of completing a schooling is simply a measure of every learner's endurance to be learned.

10. To be educated isn't only confined to the four walls of the school or educational institutions.

11. The greatest achievement for one to be considered as educated is the knowledge on why, where and what they do exist here on earth.

12. Prayer makes life easy, burdens light and ambitions achieved through the name of Jesus Christ.

13. Whatever undertakings in life to be grateful is invaluable virtue in life and it couldn't be bought with money.

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