Saturday, August 2, 2014

Seek and Ye Shall Find

Seeking and finding banner
1. Happy is the person who finds his long lost friend.

2. God has so commanded His disciples to find those who have been lost for there are many mansions prepared for them.

3. Those who ask shall be given. Those who knock shall be opened.Those who keep silent nothing shall received them.

4. Every member is a missionary who finds and teaches the gospel of the Lord.

5. The prodigal son has gone home and became desolate and went back home.

6. She is near and yet so far. The farther is she, the nearness it is.

7. When in trouble, don't hesitate to  seek ye for you will find Him.

8. Those who lost their lives for Christ's sake, shall find them in life after.

9. Those who squandered their wealth shall find them again with tremendous difficulty.

10. It is better to love and get frustrated, than not to love at all.

11. Properties and lives lost in carelessness are like walking alone in a total darkness.

12. Finding one soul for Christ's sake makes the Lord happy and how much more if there are more souls found.

13. Never count the time, efforts and money spent in doing the missionary work for you'll be blessed beyond your capacity to count.

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